April 25, 2024



Don’t be afraid of success. Success is something very subjective. We can be successful in any area we are in, we just need to add value to our performance. I’m going to give you a small example. A few years ago I worked in my first job in the medical field as a nurse’s aid at an assisted living home. At the end of the first week the owner told me that she was going to raise my pay by 2 dollars to what I would earn per hour; but that that was only for me, and she asked me not to discuss it with the other workers. What made the difference? In that first week I organized all the closets, that was very much needed. During my shifts, the first thing I did, usually before she arrived, was to disinfect the whole house so that it smelled good. Nobody likes to enter a place that smells bad. And above all, I was in charge of assisting in everything that the residents needed, they of course were the priority. That included giving them a good manicure and pedicure. But what I earned there wasn’t just the extra 2 dollars per hour. There, I was able to expose myself to what a small business entrepreneur does. The owner was a registered nurse, a single mother of two children, with another job apart from the assisted living home in which less than 10 residents lived. When I worked my shift, I worked alone, she¬† would only came at times. That’s where I confirmed that I wanted to advance my education and entered the community college to study nursing.

Later I got another job. This was at a nursing home, a larger place, where I worked as a nurse’s aid as well. But most of the nurses there were vocational nurses, not registered nurses. When one of them found out that I was going to college to be a registered nurse, she tried to convince me not to do it. She told me that it was almost impossible to be accepted into the program and that the program was very rigorous in addition to the fact that the exam for the license certification was very difficult, that she knew several people who had not achieved it. She recommended that I would be better off applying to the vocational nursing program. 

What happens when you surround yourself with the wrong people? They begin to transmit to you their fears, their shortcomings, but above all, the mentality of making excuses. Yes, it is true, the program was very rigorous, and the certification exam was also very difficult. But I had to find out for myself. Just like the other workers of the first assisted living home could have earned those extra 2 dollars per hour by adding value to their work with their performance, perhaps those people who were unsuccessful in the nursing program would have achieved it if they had added performance in the study. It all depends on the variables we have in front of us.

To achieve success, you have to have a victorious mentality instead of a victim mentality. I once heard of  the disease but-zophrenia. There are people who will always have a but. If you are going to be victorious, you are going to assume all the responsibilities in your life and focus on what you can change. Within our subconscious mind there is a creative part that is always working and ready to transform our beliefs into realities. First we have to visualize it in our mind and then we  can manifest it in our reality.

Three tips:

Believe in yourself

Surround yourself with the right people

Think big

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