March 16, 2024



A few days ago I went to watch the movie Cabrini. Well, actually I already went to see it twice. This movie was a great inspiration for me. I will try not to spoil the plot of the movie if you have not yet seen it, but I would like to share some points that I think are key to continuing to advance in our life mission, whatever this is.

“For a little woman you make a lot of noise”

It’s easy to be intimidated by what others will think of us. It’s true, in this life there are different ranks and knowing how to occupy our place in certain scenarios is very important. But no other person can know what our full potential is. Only us really know what we have lived and where our life experiences have taken us.

“Is it because I’m a woman?”

Although this film is based on the time of the 1800s, nowadays there are still prejudices about who should dedicate themselves to what. My point is when it comes to the occupations for men and women. Who leaves the house to work and who stays. What difference does it make if a man is dedicated to building roads or cleaning houses if they are both honest jobs? Just as a woman can run a home, she can also run a company. These prejudices in these times should no longer be relevant.

“The world is too small for what I intend to do”

This frase is very profound. It can be interpreted in the reality of Mother Cabrini’s works since she fought for the most vulnerable and founded several orphanages, schools, and hospitals around the world. My point is that the world often closes in on us, as we often say. When we want to undertake something new or simply change a situation that does not suit us, we look at it as something impossible to achieve. This leads us to the next frase.

“Begin the mission and the means will come”

I think this is always the most difficult step. The fear and uncertainty of the unknown and above all of the negative. This is precisely where we form our character, and this is not just from our achievements. Failures are also an important part of the way since they always teach us something that we didn’t know before, they give us experience, and above all they make us strong.

“We are both survivors”

Aren’t we all survivors? Have we not all at some point been victims of the circumstances? What’s next? Are we going to live in a victim’s state or dig our heels in the ground and move on? Mother Cabrini achieved what seemed impossible being in a state of health that condemned her to death and thinking that every day could be her last day. What is your circumstance?

“It takes a lot of courage to be the person we’re supposed to be”

It is important to take risks to know what will be a yes and what will be a no. We are according to the priorities of our daily life. In what we choose to occupy all of our talents, time, money, and efforts will determine the person we are. But as Mother Cabrini says, it takes a lot of courage to be the person we are supposed to be, because for that, we have to sacrifice above all the pleasure and the immediate reward for the hard work and the wait that sometimes becomes so difficult.

“God gives us free will”

The decision is yours.

Mother Cabrini

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