January 18, 2024

The art of letting go


The art of letting go, I have heard this phrase many times and I have wondered how letting go can be considered an art? When I think of art, I imagine a sculpture, a beautiful melody, an impressive painting, or some handcraft. But what can be created from the pain? From the pieces that are left? From the disappointments? How can you create something beautiful from what hurts so much to lose?

And that’s where the problem is. In looking at letting go as losing. On the other hand, if we consider it as a key step for our transformation, then we could receive it with gratitude, even in the midst of the pain.

In the course of our lives we interact with many people. In our childhood we depend on the care and protection of our parents, but at some point we have the need and obligation to take care  of and to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, if we don’t learn this self-care, our emotions will not be healthy and we will depend on someone else to take care of and protect us and letting go would be as terrifying as falling into the void.

So how can you let go in a positive and beneficial way? The key is to learn self-care and self-protection. For this, you have to welcome your emotions. When you feel an intense emotion it could be a sign that there is something you need to let go of. The second thing is to work on yourself.

Are you ready to take care of and protect yourself?

If you feel that you depend on someone else to feel safe, it is very important to start by obtaining the skills and tools you need that will enable you to be a happy and independent person. Once you have achieved it, you can establish healthy relationships where there is love, respect, protection, admiration, trust, fidelity, availability, and all the other characteristics that are the bases for communication and conflict resolution.

If before you were afraid to let go, I want you to know that once you let go you will start receiving the opposite; because it is you who decides what you do not accept in your life, what hurts you, and what it is that does not allow you to create that wonderful life surrounded by people with whom you can share healthy relationships.

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