January 15, 2024



What is fear? The dictionary describes it as an anguish for a real or imaginary risk. I would describe it as a very large invisible cloud that crosses in front of you and blocks reality. At first you feel the intense need to do something to get rid of that cloud, whether it is by removing yourself or removing the cloud, but it’s not that simple.

We are all born with a set of qualities, traits, or characteristics that make up our essence. The way we face fear depends on being able to properly use these qualities that are innate or natural. But what happens if we don’t face this fear at the moment? Then we run the risk of deviating from our essence or who we are by nature.

How to identify fear?

Have you ever felt that something is missing? That although you are having a happy life there is something that is incomplete and you don’t know how to get to that fulfillment that you know is possible? It is possible that there is an invisible cloud that you have to face in order to find that safe and firm place where you can be yourself.

What are the steps to overcome fear?

First it is necessary to recognize that the cloud is there. You must allow yourself to feel… your body and your mind will give you signs or indications that something is not right, either through intense or often very mild emotions, as well as physical symptoms. If you have lived without facing fear for a long time, it may be difficult for you to recognize these signs since you have adapted to live with these physical and emotional changes. If so, unfortunately it could also be said that you are not living according to your essence.

The second step is to take action. This step is the great challenge, because just as the process may be simple and fast, it could also be a slow, long, exhausting, and even painful process. Many times you will have to make small changes, but other times the changes will be so radical, that the course of your life will totally change direction. The important thing in all this is to stay firm on the way… you’re going to get there.

The third step is to be resilient, which means trusting your ability to solve things. Remember that you were born with all the necessary qualities to do it. You have the right to be yourself, to live a life according to your values, a life that makes you feel that you are living your purpose, that makes you feel joy in your soul and peace in the midst of any challenge.

This is a note Sophie wrote for an assignment where she talks about how she needed to be courageous to accept to change from TAFF to USAG in gymnastics. (USAG is more competitive and they use USAG-certified judges). She also describes that she feels very excited to see if she scores well in her first “All-Around” competition in December. 

These are the scores of her competition in December, she got the first place of her group.

Sophie here in her first USAG competition. She got four second places and a third place.

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