January 15, 2024

Before you give up… just breathe


Describing my life in a few paragraphs is a challenge since although I am still young, my path has been complex and with many changes and experiences that would be impossible to narrate in a few lines. So I will share with you key points of my life that have been the pillars of my training and mental, intellectual, and personal development in every way.

I was born into a large family, I am the youngest of twelve siblings. My father was engaged in agriculture and my mother was a housewife. Both did not have the opportunity to go to elementary school but the two of them learned how to read, write, and do basic math. My father passed away when I was 11 years old, this after he suffered a slow and exhausting process of a neuromuscular disease.

I emigrated to the United States with my mother and my two older siblings a little before turning 15 years old. I entered High School in the ninth grade and before I started twelfth grade I got pregnant, I married my husband Hector and we had our first daughter, Lilibeth, before I graduated from High School.

Some of the jobs I held before being a nurse were as a waitress, as a carhop at Sonic; I also worked cleaning houses, and as a nurse’s aid; as a cashier in a bank, and as a teacher’s aid in a school. In 2008 I graduated from the community college obtaining my associates degree and registered nurse license. From there, I continued my education and completed my bachelor’s degree and then continued with my master’s of science in nursing degree with a specialization in family practice. During the time I was studying my master’s degree, our second daughter, Sophie, was born and she was present at my graduation.

In the course of advancing my education, I had the opportunity to work in different areas as a nurse. I worked in a hospital on the surgery floor; at a dialysis clinic; I also worked as a private nurse for disabled children; I worked at an assisted housing institution for adults with disabilities; I also worked in a mental and behavioral health hospital; and finally at an addictions rehab center. In 2014 we decided to start our own clinic, and despite how complex the process was, we are already celebrating 10 years of offering medical services to our community. 

In the course of the years of marriage we have moved homes at least nine times. In 2017 we built a new house and the direction of the construction was taken by my husband Hector; then we sold it and built another one in which we live today. Within this whole life process we added two more members to our family, Gianluca and Valentina, who bring enormous joy to our home.

In each of these stages there has been a large dose of uncertainty and fear. Fear of losing a loved one. Fear of leaving your country and facing a completely new world; of learning a new language; of being a young mother; uncertainty in terms of finances; problems in the upbringing and education of our children; family conflicts; fear that the business will fail; the fight against diseases; recovering from the losses; etcetera, etc., etc., etc. and etc., etc. Every fear has been faced and the process always leaves a good dose of strength; the reward is worth it and that is the reason why I write this today. So breathe… just like me, you can do it too.

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